As you know, the most important part of the equipment is the flashing lights, so I've made point of maximizing the number of rack units with lights that flash. It's a little more difficult to find speakers cabinets with flashing lights, though.

One or more GS-112 cabinets. No flashing lights here.


QSC 1450, bridged for about 1000 watts of output potential.

Only two flashing lights, unless you count the Clip indicators. I keep these off.


Presonus tube preamp with digital output, together with the matching compressor. Lots of flashing lights here.


These two rack-mount side by side for super LED action!

Line6 Bass Pod.

Lots of LEDs but not much flashing :(


Bag End D10 ... super nice!

2x10, 4 ohm cabs, rated 300 watts

:( no lights ..

Bag End

Zon Sonus 5 string. This guy is super. No LEDs, though. Joe Zon might just answer the phone if you call them. Can't find a picture of the 5 string fretless, but it looks just like this with an ash body and no frets, of course!


Ashdown Superfly ... about 10 pounds, 500 watts ... very cool sounds.


This guy really worlds with a pair of the BagEnd's.

Ashdown was very nice about sending a schematic for this. Check out my review.

Check out my writeup on it:


Ned Steingerger Electric Upright. Awesome.


Imagine an old Fender 4 String Bullet bass with a tele headstock. Really thumpy!

No LEDs here :(

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