FAQ – frequently asked questions

mumble mumble mbjfsdf?

This always seems to be question number one. The answer is “You'll have to speak up, Bassman Biff's ears aren't what they used to be”.

Hey you! Where do think you're going?

Uhhhh ... I'm with the band.

What is this pocket you keep speaking of?

Well, young lady, put your hand right here and .... Oh Sorry, I didn't realize she was with you.

Mr Biff, sir, where did you get that name?

Well child, you may have heard of a cartoon boy with a great imagination and his stuffed tiger. He would dream of far-away worlds beyond this one where grand adventures awaited. My name has nothing to do with that.

What is the difference between playing guitar and playing bass?

A guitar has little tiny strings and is very tinny sounding. A bass is a manly instrument with strings the size of telephone cables and whose weight will over burden those who play guitar.

Should I get a 4 String or 5 String bass?

If you were involved in an industrial accident that removed one (or more) fingers, a 4 String bass is for you.

What is it with guitar players?

They use a very delicate instrument with many tiny wires on it, and so gradually acquire a delicate attitude. When you see a guitar player, speak carefully as they fly into a rage very easily.

Here, my good buddy Wurlitzer Seisenbacher demonstrates a common problem for guitar players. He's a keyboard player, but was willing to risk all for this amazing demonstration.

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